Role in project:
Research / Concept Design / Development / Produce


A refined drinks cabinet for quality spirits; Barkeep elevates the ritual of mixing sophisticated cocktails while relaxing at home.

During the day Barkeep is a discrete cabinet concealing its contents from temptation; but come evening Barkeep is an accommodating host, who proudly presents its cache of treasure.

The resurgence in cocktail culture has seen a rediscovering of classic cocktails. Barkeep was designed to be a contemporary take of the home cocktail cabinet with a reflective nod to a nostalgic past.

The lightweight frame has been designed to allow the cabinet to be an optimum size for a generous home bar without being too cumbersome or dominating. 

Barkeep is handmade with a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Such as the brass accents in the frame which are dowel pins that mechanically lock the three-way joint together. The marriage of structural and aesthetic consideration reveals a joint that is both strong and elegant.   

Awarded the 'Craftsmanship Award' at Melbourne Fringe Furniture 2016.

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